MOASC Purchasing Network (MPN) has selected Oncology Supply and ION Solutions as the preferred distributor for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, technology, and services to improve practice workflow and efficiency.


Oncology Supply and ION Solutions were awarded the exclusive distributor of the initial launch and success of MPN in 2008.  MPN is thrilled to be reunited with the industry leaders of distribution and manufacturer contracts, Oncology Supply and ION Solutions!


The alignment with Oncology Supply and ION Solutions provides:


1.   Competitive upfront pricing for practices of all sizes.  

2.   Price matching for the whole network, including practices of all sizes. If a price is successfully matched for one practice, it will be given to all practices in the network (certain restrictions and payment terms apply)

3.   Administrative fees historically collected by the MPN GPO for administrative oversight and compliance will directly be rebated 100% to the practice from Oncology Supply.

4.   Generic rebate program for practices of all sizes, which will be given on a quarterly basis on all qualified purchases. This has been successfully designed to benefit all the practices in the MPN network.

5.   Manufacturer contracts that are currently available in the Oncology Supply and ION Solutions portfolio will be offered to practices.



At MPN our aim is to keep our administrative costs lean and channel funds back to your practices. Our goal is to bring the best deal possible to you, contribute to the financial health of community oncology practices and positively affect patient care. 


Our administrative team continuously analyses changes in the market, price fluctuations, innovative new business opportunities and quality initiatives, rebates, as well as, fair implementation and compliance of member contracts.


We understand the burden any change brings and we have a firm commitment from Oncology Supply to make the transition smooth, including changing inventory machines, software, implementing any interface between the inventory/ordering system and your existing EMR/billing software.


We are excited to bring this offer to you and continue to work diligently on additional new business solutions and efficiencies for your practice.

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"The MOASC Purchasing Network, Inc. (MPN) is a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, formed by the Medical Oncology Association of Southern California (MOASC). We function as a group purchasing organization to help MOASC members manage the largest expense (drugs) in their oncology practices."

The MPN mission is to negotiate prices and arrange for the purchases of oncology drugs, as well as supplies, equipment, diagnostics, and services directly from manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers for the benefit of the member practices of the MOASC.



Members share fully in the group purchasing organization’s bottom line performance and receive significant discounts through resource management and cost reductions. There is no cost for MOASC members to join MPN.

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The MOASC Purchasing Network strives be a recognized leader and driving force in developing quality oncology and hematology purchasing standards, providing a continuum of dynamic and innovative best practices for MOASC healthcare professionals.

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